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What Parking My Car Taught Me About Sales Success

A few months ago, I was doing a three-part training for New York Life agents. In these types of training, you get to know each other during multiple sessions as you observe and interact. Well, apparently one guy had noticed how I parked from the conference room window. So, as

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How Is Your Field CRM Sorted?

We’re brainwashed to sort lists by letter and number. It’s like once we start singing our ABCs, we think that’s the best way to arrange everything. Unless there’s a number. Then we can’t help but put lists in sequence. But chances are your customer relationship management system has your clients

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A Complete Guide to Sales CRM Implementation

You have a problem. And you need help. No, not as a person — with your CRM. Here’s what you don’t want to do — try to set up your own CRM. It’s the first time you’re working with the system and it’s the only time you’ll ever need to

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