Time Blocking to Increase Sales

Time Blocking to Increase Sales
Time blocking is a technique that helps you manage your time more effectively and increase your sales, involving breaking your day into smaller, manageable blocks of time and allocating specific time slots for each task on your sales to-do list. The idea behind time blocking is to create a dedicated, distraction-free environment that allows you to focus on the task at hand. By doing so, you eliminate the constant switch between tasks that can lead to decreased productivity and increased stress. 
You can also plan your day ahead of time, which helps you to be more organized and motivated towards your sales goals.

Some key aspects of time blocking to increase sales:

  • Prioritization: Time blocking helps you prioritize your sales tasks by allocating specific blocks of time to each task. This way, you can focus on the most important tasks first and maximize your productivity.
  • Increased focus: By dedicating specific blocks of time to each task, you can reduce distractions and increase your focus, leading to more efficient and effective sales efforts.
  • Better use of time: With time blocking, you can ensure that you are using your time in the most efficient way possible, rather than wasting time on low-priority tasks or getting bogged down by distractions.
  • Improved productivity: By breaking your day into smaller, manageable blocks of time, you can increase your overall productivity and get more done in less time.
  • Better planning: Time blocking allows you to plan your day ahead of time and make sure that you have enough time to complete all of your sales tasks.
  • Increased motivation: By tracking your progress and seeing how much you can get done in a day, you can stay motivated and focused on your sales goals.
The number one reason for time blocking is to achieve your goals. When you time block, you create a plan that ensures you’re making progress towards your goals each day. By scheduling your tasks, you’re able to see where your time is going and identify areas where you need to make adjustments to stay on track.
To understand the power of intention and how it relates to time blocking, check out the video presentation by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “The Power of Intention“. In it, he talks about the importance of setting a clear intention for what you want to achieve and how doing so can help you stay focused and motivated.
So, how do you time-block? The simplest way is to use your calendar. Schedule blocks of time for specific tasks, ensuring that you allow enough time for each one. Here are some examples of how salespeople might time block their day:
  • Cold canvassing: 9-10 am
  • Call calling: 10-11 am
  • Follow-ups: 11-12 pm
  • Appointment setting: 1-2 pm
  • Route planning: 2-3 pm
  • Goal setting: 3-4 pm
  • Reflection: 4-5 pm
  • Opportunities funnel update: 5-6 pm
  • Mining: 6-7 pm
Time Blocking to Increase Sales
Of course, your specific schedule will depend on your job and personal goals, but the key is to break down your day into manageable, focused blocks of time.

Here are some tips to make time blocking work for you:

  • Find an accountability buddy to share the same time as you. This can help you stay on track and motivated.
  • Turn off all notifications during your time block to minimize distractions.
  • Use a timer to keep yourself focused and to help you stay on schedule.
  • Tell those in the office or home your intention for the block of time, so they know not to interrupt you.
  • Get on Zoom together and do it at the same time. Even if you’re not in the same location, working with someone else can help you stay motivated.
As with any technique, there are some common mistakes to avoid when time blocking:
  • Underestimating time. Be realistic about how long a task will take and schedule accordingly.
  • Forgetting about breaks. Make sure you schedule in regular breaks to give your brain a rest.
  • Always sticking to your schedule. Be flexible and adjust your schedule as needed.
  • Not scheduling everything. Remember to schedule personal tasks and downtime to avoid burnout.
  • In conclusion, time blocking is a simple yet powerful technique that can help you improve your productivity, achieve your goals, and create a more focused, intentional work environment.
Time blocking can ease your life in ways you did not think it would. Try it out yourself!To learn more about how to win a customer back watch Episode 10 of Sales Hustle Club