About CallProof Mobile CRM for Salespeople

Our Company

Tell the Story, Make the Sale

In 2008, Robert Hartline was struggling because he couldn’t find a Customer Relationship Management Solution (CRM) that worked for his salespeople. No matter what he tried, the result was the same.

When sales reps can’t be bothered to enter data, managers can’t make accurate sales projections or help underperforming sales reps until it’s already too late.

Knowing that customer data is essential for making crucial decisions that can have huge impacts on your sales and after months of struggling with this problem, he decided to build CallProof.

A short ten years later, hundreds of companies and thousands of users now enjoy using CallProof to automate the tracking and management of their sales activities. With the perfect CRM for inside and outside salespeople now available to the public, CallProof has eliminated the need for manual data entry and countless spreadsheets, allowing more focus on customer relationships

Our Mission

Our mission is to convert sales talent into sales productivity. We do this by automating data collection on sales activities so managers can see what’s happening in real time. Armed with this data, sales managers can help sales reps achieve better results on a faster iteration timeline than ever before.

Our Vision

The future is a world where CallProof automatically tracks all your sales activities so you don’t have to. It keeps everyone on the same page in real time, so there’s no need to email spreadsheets and reports back and forth to figure out whether you’re going to meet your quarterly sales numbers. CallProof works in the background so sales reps can focus on maintaining relationships with customers rather than maintaining spreadsheets.

We Build Trust

We want all CallProof users to be comfortable with using our app. That is why we work hard to maintain open communication with our customers and we do everything we can to resolve issues they may be having. We also do what it takes to keep their data secure.

We Prioritize Customer Success

We want to see you succeed because it is critical to our growth. With our app working in the background providing crucial reports and storing valuable customer data in real-time, you can focus on growing your business and working on sales aspects that need improvement.

By using CallProof, you’re now on a path to success. Transform your sales teams and grow your company with the right CRM for salespeople.


Unlock the power of your team and master customer relationships