Sales Activity Tracking System for Managers

CallProof for Sales Managers

Eliminate Micro Management

CallProof’s sales activity tracking system is the perfect tool for sales managers and here’s why…

Nobody likes to be micromanaged. And nobody likes doing data entry. Especially sales reps. It’s probably the worst part of the job.

But sales managers need to know what sales activities are going on in order to do their job. How do you reconcile these diametrically opposed requirements?

CallProof automates the process of collecting sales activity data and presents it to managers in real time so the manager never has to ask “So, how are things going this quarter?”

Everyone loves it!

Sales reps love CallProof because it means they don’t have to manually enter data into a CRM. Managers love it because they can see at a glance which sales reps are doing great and which ones may need help.

The best part is that this data is provided in real time, which eliminates those awkward end-of-quarter conversations about what happened.

CallProof dramatically shortens the feedback iteration cycle between managers and sales reps so if someone needs help, the manager can be proactive.

The result is a more effective and more talented sales force, higher sales and a dramatic reduction in wasted time & talent due to turnover in the sales department.

Boost overall productivity and say goodbye to awkward end-of-quarter conversations with this powerful tool. Don’t wait until the end of the sales cycle to find out how your sales team is doing. Get CallProof’s sales team tracking software and find out today.

Management Features

  • Activity and Sales Forecast Reporting Instantly

  • Daily Management Report

  • Territory Management

  • Provide Feedback about Appointments and Calls to Your Team in Real Time

  • Assign Routes and Tasks to your Team Members

  • Newsfeed of Team Member Activity

  • Import / Export Features

  • Excel & PDF Reports on Demand

  • And Much More….

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