Disciplines of Selling

Disciplines of Selling
Success is just the result of daily disciplines realized. An example of that is how your bank deposits are a reflection of the value that you have created. In sales, value is created when you solve problems with the solution you sell, so we must find customers who fit the types of customers who have a problem we have the solution for. Ultimately it is a matter of putting ourselves in front of decision makers with some level of pain. 

Be consistent

To be able to sell, you should be in front of prospects on a consistent basis. As a matter of fact, the average salesperson follows up twice before closing, and the top 1% of the best salespeople average 12 touches per close.

Touch more. Sell more.

The secret is to be in front of more people saying the right things daily, so ask yourself, “If I dedicated the right disciplines daily, what could it mean to my income?”
Most of us have mastered daily disciplines since an early age. These are some of them showering, brushing teeth, dressing…

Start with a goal

What are some activities that you can commit to and will help you reach your goals?
There are some:
  • Face-to-face visits
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • LinkedIn
  • Networking

Think of seasons

Whenever you want to practice these disciplines, think of them as seasons. For example, season one might be about having 25 face to face visits a day for four weeks, while season two could be more about targeting to the top prospects you found during visits
Track It. Post It.
Take 15 minutes to pre-work before your day to spend your time on paper before the day begins.
Reward Yourself!
Think of something you would like to reward yourself for a good day done and maybe a good week done. Then think of a 30 day prize
Buddy up
Have an accountability buddy who can keep you accountable and keep the momentum alive.
Use a habit tracker to track each of the actions that help you keep your disciplines consistent

Callproof Habit Tracker