Champions: How to Simplify Referral Sales

Champions: How to Simplify Referral Sales
Sales is a noble profession that involves helping people find solutions to their problems. As sales professionals, we strive to go from surviving to thriving, and there is one practice that can help us achieve this faster than others: referrals.
Referrals are a powerful tool for salespeople. They can help us build our client base and increase our revenue. In fact, people who actively seek out and exploit referrals earn four to five times more than those who don’t. Statistically, referrals also close 2.5 times faster.
However, many sales professionals struggle to get referrals. Here are some common reasons why:
  • We don’t ask. Some of us simply lack the confidence to ask for referrals, or we don’t know how to ask.
  • We use the word “referral.” Using the word “referral” can make people feel uncomfortable. Instead, try asking, “Who do you know?” or “Who can you connect me with?”
  • We offer money. Offering money in exchange for a referral can cheapen the relationship between the salesperson and the referrer.
To overcome these challenges, sales professionals need to focus on their mindset, create a buying atmosphere, and use memory joggers. Here are some tips to help you get more referrals:
  • Focus on your mindset. The first person you need to know is yourself. It’s important to love yourself to be able to achieve success. Confidence and self-love are languages that people understand. The words you use are just dressing.
  • Create a buying atmosphere. When someone turns you down, take it easy and move on. Think of it as not a big deal.
  • Use memory joggers. Some people want to help you, but they just don’t know anyone. Memory joggers can help people think of more people who they can connect you with. For example, ask, “Who do you know who has a business in town?” Eventually, you can use this information to communicate with that connection. Even if that connection doesn’t want to do business with you, you can share some love by brightening up their day.
In the end, committing to the act of getting referrals can help you succeed in sales. Remember, people want to see the good guy win, so be good. Focus on building relationships and helping people, and the referrals will come.
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