How Is Your Field CRM Sorted?

We’re brainwashed to sort lists by letter and number. It’s like once we start singing our ABCs, we think that’s the best way to arrange everything. Unless there’s a number. Then we can’t help but put lists in sequence. But chances are your customer relationship management system has your clients…

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Why Questions Matter When Qualifying Your Sales Leads

In the early '80s, there was a saleswoman who was awesome at selling mainframes. But really, she just walked into businesses and asked questions. Then she took their responses back to the engineers, they told her what the client needed, she told the customer, and they’d buy. Obviously, the company…

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Anatomy of the Perfect Sales Follow-Up Call

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Well, he may have exaggerated a little, but it sure does seem to apply to sales. Sales relies on persistence. And often, that persistence relies on following up. When you’re dealing with clients, you should always have a next step.…

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