When BYOD Goes BAD

BYOD (bring your own device) has been a major industry buzzword lately. Companies and government agencies are now giving employees the option to use their own device for work purposes or in some cases requiring it. In many situations this is a very cost effective way to manage expenses and keep employees happy. However, there are certain situations where this scenario can actually end up costing you real money. Let me explain how.
Look at your business card. In fact, look at everyone on your team’s business card. Do they all have a mobile number? My guess would be that they do. Now ask yourself, “Who owns this number?” If your answer is anything other than the name of your company, keep reading.  If you own that number, keep reading anyway. I might be able to save you a headache in the future.
While we’re in the “take a step back” mode, think about the way your sales people and your customer’s interact with each other. Do your customers contact your reps via your office phone or do they prefer to call them directly on their mobile? What about email? I would bet a paycheck that most of you provide a company-owned email address to your team so that you may retain ownership of that communication.
What happens when someone on your team changes jobs? Their email gets forwarded to the person who replaces them! However, what is being done about their phone calls?

The worst mistake a sales team can make is not following up.

More specifically, not following up when the customer CALLS YOU! How furious would you be if you knew a prospect wanted to buy your service but could not reach anyone due to a change in your team and the number they have on file for your sales person no longer being valid?
We decided to stop this problem before it even starts for our customers. We understand that sometimes owning the phone isn’t possible, but owning the number should always be. CallProof customers enjoy the freedom of always owning the number regardless of who owns the device. We give customers the option to create or port-in a phone number for their sales reps so that when change occurs sales aren’t lost, balls aren’t dropped, and customers are kept happy and buying. Reassigning that number to the new person filling that role is as simple as a few clicks.  Moreover, you’re always capturing that history of contact so nothing slips through the cracks.
Change is inevitable. It will always happen. Being prepared for it is a luxury we’re more than happy to provide. Make your company’s BYOD policy work for you!