How To Automate Your Sales Activity Tracking System

Sales activity tracking

Sometimes people misunderstand the point of a sales activity tracking system. They usually think that a sales activity tracking system tracks the number of products sold over the course of a certain time period.

A good sales activity tracking system should track a salesperson’s connections made with customers or prospects. It indicates whether or not the salesperson is doing the necessary activity to be effective. It tracks the salesperson’s:

–       Calls made to clients and prospects
–       Face-to-face meetings with people
–       Physical whereabouts
–       Email activity

Tracking sales activity is getting easier

It wasn’t too long ago that tracking sales was a very time-consuming and tedious task. A sales manager would usually put in dozens of hours to track the sales team’s progress. For example, a sales manager would make the salesperson bring back a certain number of prospects’ business cards each day, and the sales manager would have to manually go through each business card. Even the salespeople back then had to do a lot of data entering and extra paperwork to help their managers track their sales activities. That involved recording their own calls, loading the data into an Excel sheet, checking the data against each other, taking out all the personal calls, and composing a final list of the sales calls they’ve made that day.

Your salespeople are there to sell. They’re not there to record all their data. The more time they have, the more sales they can make, and the more money your organization will make. The best way to free your salespeople’s time is to automate your sales activity tracking system.

Identifying the obstacles

When one of your salespeople isn’t selling, the first thing you need to do is to analyze which obstacles are in his way. Maybe he’s too busy worrying about new products, delivering orders, or entering data into the system. That’s why you need to track all of his activities to pinpoint where the real problem lies.

Automating the salesperson’s calls

A salesperson’s call history can tell you a lot about his effectiveness. You want to get ahold of his call logs and analyze them to see if he’s actively pushing the product. Like mentioned before, picking apart a salesperson’s call logs can be very time consuming if done manually.

You can use CallProof, and we’ll do all the dirty work for you. The Android version of CallProof will automatically report call history regardless of how the call is placed.  iPhone users can initiate calls from within CallProof to have them quickly and easily reported.  We will then use the platform to match the known clients and prospects you already have in your database with the calls the salesperson makes. Any calls made to a number in your database will be automatically counted as a sales activity for that salesperson.

By automating your sales activity tracking system, your salespeople will have more time to make sales and earn your organization more money.