Hold Your Breath Cold Call Technique

Follow these simple steps to cure cold call hesitation with the Hold Your Breath Cold Call Technique:

  1. Close out all notifications like browser windows, email notification and Facebook notifications. Then tell your coworkers not to distract you because you are about to make it rain!
  2. After your first cold call quickly, in one sentence, write down the next steps from that call AND hold your breath.
  3. Dial the next 10 digit number and as soon as you dial, you can breath again. This will force you to make that next call quickly without overthinking it.
  4. After 10 calls, update your CRM and figure out who you need to email and follow up with and take a 5 minute break.
  5. Once you’re ready to start again, get ready to hold your breath and do 10 more!

Have you tried this technique? Let us know in the comments!