How Cold Showers Help Cold Calls

cold calls

Got cold feet about your next round of cold calls? You’re not alone. Call reluctance can happen to any salesperson, whether you’ve been on the job for two weeks or two decades.

Cold call anxiety is inconvenient, but it’s not permanent. According to YouTube channel “The Art of Manliness,” your call reluctance is nothing a cold shower can’t fix.

Take a look:


Cold showers have benefits men have known about for centuries. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Russians all bathed in cold water to turbo-charge their brains and bodies. Here are just a few benefits of a cold shower and how they can help you overcome call reluctance.

Increase Circulation

When you increase blood flow, you feel more energized, alert and awake – which happen to be the qualities needed to meet your call quota and recognize new sales opportunities.

Lose Weight

Turning down the shower temperature cranks up your metabolism, causing your body to burn more fat to regain the lost heat. Feeling fit boosts confidence and stamina, giving you more staying power to finish those calls and increasing the likelihood of positive results.

Relieve Depression

Need an attitude adjustment? Cold showers relieve depression. Without getting too technical, the video explains that there’s a blue spot in the brain. When your brain’s blue spot is activated, it stimulates antidepressant benefits.

When your blue spot is active, you feel good, and when you feel good, your chances for sales success are higher. Blue spots can help you earn greenbacks!

Improve Sleep Quality

Taking a cold shower one hour before bed also improves the quality of your sleep. If your sales performance is keeping you awake, a cold shower can help you rest at night. A good night’s sleep keeps you focused during the day without a double shot of espresso.

If nothing else, cold showers build your character. Being submerged in cold water is a shock to the system, and sometimes that’s just what you need to shake yourself out of a slump.

If you can deal with a cold shower, you can overcome just about anything else. Including a little call reluctance.