Six Simple Tips For Warming Up Cold Calls

Cold Calling
Cold Calling Tips for Sales Masters…
Cold calling doesn’t have to be so… cold. The thing is, cold calling is still a viable method for getting your business’ name out in the open. This often-shunned marketing technique is still alive and kicking, generating a lot of sales leads by those who know how to wield it.
There are two types of cold calls: the traditional method requires calling people on the phone and trying to make them listen to what you have to say.  The other involves approaching random strangers and talking to them. Whichever kind of cold call it is, the dynamics are still the same.
Here are some simple, yet amazingly effective, cold calling tips for warming up cold calls:
1. Stand up!
There is a good reason why singers, comedians, and other performers do their thing while standing up. This trick works on the biological and psychological level. Working while sitting down the whole day slows down heart rate and makes a person feel lazy. On the other hand, a person’s heart rate increases slightly when standing up, heightening enthusiasm and making that person give off an aura of exuberance.
2. Learn to adapt.
A more fitting word would be: mimic.  Mimicking the person on the other end of the line is a great trick for warming up your cold calls.  It makes people know that you are on the same page with them. If a potential customer talks fast, then a marketer can match that customer’s talking speed and make the conversation as fast as possible. Same goes if the person on the other end is a slow-talker, the marketer must tone things down and match the call receiver’s speed.
3. Be witty.
Let’s face it, the most common scenario for cold callers is being told no.  Chances are the person they speak to gets dozens of cold calls per day and is deftly skilled in blowing the caller off.  The important thing here is to stand out from the crowd by preparing witty statements beforehand for sticky situations. Saying things like, “the purpose of this call is not to sell you anything” will get you nowhere.  A little honesty sprinkled with appropriate humor will go a long way.
4. Tell people, “I’m coming over.”
This tactic is clever and effective. Marketers can cut to the chase and tell people that they are willing to come over and meet them in person. It’s a great way to show people that you mean business.  Face-time grants instant credibility.
5. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers.
Children are taught from a young age to never talk to strangers, and most people carry over this habit well into their adulthood. It’s of dire importance that marketers who do cold calls get over this fear.
6. Just do it
We could give you cold calling tips for days but action is what works.  This is the number one encouraging phrase for cold callers. Forget all fear, pretenses, pick up that phone and just do it.
Marketers must remember that cold calling is not all about making sales. It’s a chance for them to connect with their target audience and to further improve their techniques.
In conclusion, cold calling may seem daunting, but it is still a valuable tool for generating sales leads and connecting with potential customers. By implementing simple yet effective tips such as standing up, adapting to the person on the other end, being witty, offering to meet in person, overcoming the fear of talking to strangers, and most importantly, taking action, marketers can warm up cold calls and make them more successful. Remember that cold calling is not just about making sales but also about building relationships with potential customers and improving marketing techniques.
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