To Answer or to Ignore?

Answer or Ignore

We’ve all been there.  You’re eating dinner.  It is 7:30p.m. and your phone rings displaying a phone number that is not in your contacts.  What do you do?  Most people ignore it without the slightest second thought.  But what if you’re in sales?  What if that call is a prospect you gave up on months ago that remembered your enthusiasm and wanted to give you another chance at their business?  What if they’ve already called two people ahead of you, haven’t gotten and answer, and are already stuck on giving you one chance to pick up their call or they’re moving on to the next number on their list of providers?


The answer to all of these questions is so simple.  Answer the phone!  Answer the DAMN PHONE!

This is a small example of a very large character flaw that exists in the minds of many salespeople today.  They’re on salary, they make great commission, they typically work Monday-Friday 9-5 and that is all they are willing to sacrifice.  They all look at the older guy in the office with disdain because he always seems to be working, but never seems to be tired, frustrated, or negative.  They know there is a reason for his constant optimism but they are too busy trying to cram everything into an 8-hour day to actually ponder what it is that puts him at a level above them.

The most important thing separating this man from his coworkers can be drilled down to one simple piece of thought:  When the customer is ready to buy, he is ready to sell.

I can hear the objections already.  “I need my personal time!”  “I have a family.”  “I work too much.”answer

If you are in sales and you catch yourself saying any of the above statements it may be time to look for another way to make a living.  Great sales people never work hard.  Great sales people have more personal time than they could ever want and they spend that time with the family that they provide for in abundance.  It doesn’t happen right away for them, but it happens and it sticks.

The reason they have it so easy is because they answer the phone.  They always answer the phone.  They give their prospects a reason to call them.  They carry themselves with a level of confidence that cannot be faked.  And when the time is right to sign on the line that is dotted, they answer the DAMN PHONE!