The Top 3 Sales Department Activities To Track For Success

Sales activities

If you put forth the effort, sales will come. That’s what a typical sales manager wants to prove to his sales team. The only way to prove it is to come up with actual sales numbers and the total revenue brought in by each salesperson’s initial contact. That can be done by measuring the amount of sales department activities against the percentage of closes. Here’s our top 3 activities to track for producing concrete metrics that will help your sales team improve their efficiency and sell more.

Initial contact

Keep track of the number of calls or any method a salesperson uses to initiate contact with a prospect. Instead of having a salesperson manually input the data into Google Documents or an Excel spreadsheet, you can use an automated smartphone app that sends you the salesperson’s call history. People are growing more and more away from verbal communication, so it would also be a good idea to keep tabs on your salespeople’s email activity. Often times, a salesperson would start with a cold call, and then continue the entire communication with a prospect via email. Softwares like YesWare is great for tracking email activity.


You want to find out if your salespeople’s meetings are bringing results. You can have your salespeople check in with a GPS so you could see the information in real time. Your salespeople can also use an app like CallProof to submit notes about the client they’re meeting. You can also track the number of proposals the salespeople are making so you can figure out the percentage of closes they are making.

Percentage of closes

Compare the amount of total proposals a salesperson makes to the amount of closes he makes, and you’ll get the percentage of closes. It’s very important to figure out each salesperson’s percentage of closes, because you can use it to rank your salespeople and to find a positive correlation between the amount of activity and the amount of closes being made.

Sales Department Activities To Track

Saving all the sales department activities in one place

Putting the tracking process on autopilot is a good idea because then you can easily compare the data to each other rather than manually enter everything and eventually dig through countless Excel files. It’s also a great way for your salespeople to focus on their relationships with their clients. For example, CallProof automates everything. It allows the salespeople to check in with a click of a button, schedule appointments, keep notes on clients, and upload all the information for the manager to see right away. The salespeople can also use it to pull up his history with each client, along with all the information and notes entered. All the information is readily available for the sales department activities to track.

Sales Department Activities To Track