The Emotional Rollercoaster of Sales

If you think outside sales—whether it’s door-to-door selling or making cold calls—is easy, think again. It is a rollercoaster of emotions that can often be overwhelming and unpredictable. Successful outside salespeople are those who understand the ups and downs of the job and find ways to navigate them with a positive mindset. You can think of outside sales like a rollercoaster, with the highs and lows being just as thrilling—in their own way.
At the start of your outside sales journey, you’ll be filled with enthusiasm and optimism that anything is possible. You are ready to take on any challenge and look forward to what each day brings. As you gain more experience, the enthusiasm can start to wear off and outside sales can feel like a bit of a struggle. You may find yourself facing rejection on a regular basis and have to push through these moments in order to stay motivated.
The Emotional Rollercoaster of Sales
But there are also plenty of highs—moments that make outside sales so rewarding. Achieving your goals, making a sale, or even just having a great conversation can be enough to get you back on track and give you the motivation to keep trying.
No matter what outside sales throws at you, it’s important to maintain a positive mindset. Accepting that there will be highs and lows is key, but so is knowing how to pick yourself up after a setback. With the right mindset, outside sales can be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable job. So don’t let the emotional rollercoaster scare you; embrace it and use it to your advantage!
Here are some tips when you find yourself in a low spot emotionally while selling
1. Stay healthy and remember what you eat can rob your energy later so think healthy foods will help your emotional energy
2. Walk every single day outside.  Forward momentum starts with movement.  Your body is meant to move and the fresh air and oxygen is what your body needs. 
3. Be aware of your alcohol or drug use and how it effects your sleep
4. Have 3 goals each 90 days you are working on.
5. Every Morning Journal the following
    • 3 things you are grateful for
    • your vision for the day
    • top 3 things you are going to complete
    • look at your schedule and time block things to get over the finish line
    • and spend a few minutes putting your thoughts on paper 
6. Learn that overcoming hard things is the key to happiness.  So understand when you are struggling and you overcome adversity it can feel good to persevere.  Look at all of your obstacles as opportunities. 
7. Rejection can be a motivation killer or inspire you to make that next visit.  Go ahead and decide how you are going to react to it before rejection appears.  Deciding to use it as fuel to power through and it’s a positive action and not a negative one can help you process it not as a personal rejection but as necessary to get to a win.
8. Sometimes you will find yourself stuck in a negative mindset learn that you are only 10 minutes away from changing your mindset with just a little breathwork exercise called 20 connected breaths. 
Breathwork is a secret used by elite performers to stay in the game and perform at high levels.  I have a video explaining how it works and you can follow along here: 

20 Connected Breaths to get into a Better Mood