The Case for Sales Activity Tracking Software

Real-time sales activity tracking software is a must when running an outside sales team.  Great sales managers leverage data to help them understand how to manage their team.  Leveraging the data to tell you who is on track and who is off-track helps leaders hold accountability conversations as well as finding those who are lost and need more direction.  It’s not about catching someone not working but helping them get back on track when they become lost.

Imagine you have a salesperson and who is making the calls and doing plenty face to face visits but not selling anything.  A good sales manager seeing that the activity is there but no sales may want to do a ride-along with that rep to see what is being said in the conversations with customers that could be holding your sales back.  Maybe more product training is needed or time with the rep on sales development skills.

What if there is little or no sales activity?  Knowing this is half the battle. Once you know this you can begin to take steps to find out what obstacle is in your reps way.  Sales call reluctance is a real problem for new sales staff.  New sales staff with little training may be scared to do that cold call or pop-in visit. That fear is costing you a lot of money to your organization.  Identify if it’s a skill or a will issue and you will be on a path to fixing it.  

Important Steps for Managing Sales People
  1. Set daily sales activities goals for each salesperson and make sure reps agree to this expectation.
  2. Look at your numbers at noon and high five those getting it done and have conversations with those off track (no judgement, no negative conversations and don’t assume the worst with low activities)
  3. Spend time coaching and mentoring those who need help getting back on track.  
  4. Remember awareness to daily sales activities means energy will be placed on sales activities.  If you let off the gas you will see your team do the same.  Always stay focused on your daily goals.