The Case for Route Planning Software

Each and every day your sales team leaves the office and they go out seeking sales, looking for opportunities. Sometimes sales people just “wing it”. They have a route or a plan in their mind, but it’s not on paper. If you use CallProof and you identify who you want to visit, allow us to optimize that route so your team can see 30% more people. A lot of sales people are driving around,  they see a prospect because there’s a big sign on the side of the road. But your bigger prospect is in an office complex off the beaten path, or maybe in some high-rise. You need an app to help you identify who you need to see. Ten minutes working on a plan and optimizing those plans to see 30% more business. What does that mean to your team’s pocketbook? If you’re interested, we would love to help and schedule a demo!

CallProof Routing Features & Benefits

  1. Quickly create optimized routes for salespeople
  2. Find prospects easily you can’t see on the road
  3. Quickly create optimized routes for salespeople
  4. Track Mileage
  5. Quickly create a flow-up list
  6. Access route on phone app
  7. Save gas
  8. See 30% more prospects with planned route