Sales Call Tracking Software – The Instant Replay of Sales

sales call tracking software

It would be very difficult for an NFL coach to improve his team’s performance without taping the game and using instant replay. The same is true for sales managers. It’s impossible to track high-quality, high-yield sales activities without the right applications.

Here are 5 ways sales call tracking software can help managers and sales teams increase sales.

1. Improve Call Quality

I’ve seen many salespeople with a high volume of activity and a decent amount of sales, who also lack quality in their cold calling. Using sales call tracking software, a sales manager can listen to call recordings and analyze the phrasing a salesperson is using. This can greatly improve the quality of the salesperson’s calls, and rather than making more cold calls, they can make smarter calls with better results.

2. Track Sales Activity

If you want to improve your team’s performance, you can’t depend on memory alone. Your activity-tracking needs to be automated: number of dials, number of meetings booked, number of proposals sent, the last time your best clients emailed or called you, and the last time you called or emailed them.

Let’s imagine you’re reviewing a list of your top 100 clients and you discover 30 of them have not talked to your sales department in the last 60 days. Automated tracking alerts the Sales Manager to make sure the sales team contacts those 30 clients.

3. Monitor the Sales Cycle

It’s been said, “At the end of the day, sales are all that matter.” That’s not always true, especially if you don’t know what your salespeople are doing over a long sales cycle.

For example, let’s say you need to determine if your salespeople are making high-quality calls and whether or not they can fill your sales funnel. After 6 months, one of your salespeople hasn’t made any sales, but without tracking software, you don’t have any data. You don’t know the quality of your salesperson’s calls or if he has even worked at all.

4. Change Sales Activities in Real Time

Real-time software can tell you exactly what’s happening at any time with your sales activities. If you check your team’s call volume at noon and see that one salesperson hasn’t made any calls all morning, you can still save the day. Real-time sales data alerts you to exactly what’s happening with your team, allowing you to coach your salesperson and help turn the situation around.

5. Eliminate Self-Reporting

Relying on self-reporting simply doesn’t work. Everyone needs to be held accountable, and having accurate, real-time information is critical. You need an app that automatically inputs your team’s e-mails, clients and prospects directly into a CRM system.

Without the right tracking software, your sales team will never reach their full potential. A sales call tracking software like Callproof will help improve their sales call quality and most importantly, lead to more sales.