Management Tips

How to Save 10+ Hours a Week on Manual Sales Reporting

Hours a week? Sounds crazy, right? But your sales team spends countless hours each week just reporting what they did. We added up some real-time numbers to see how much time you can realistically save with automated reporting. The Salesperson’s Time On a typical day, a salesperson spends about 20

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Top 4 Ways to Evaluate a Salesperson’s Performance

Evaluating a salesperson’s performance is one of the basic responsibilities of a sales manager. It’s also essential to company success. But how can you do it when sales cycles vary so greatly? If it takes months to close a sale, do you have to wait until those numbers post to

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3 Ways to Incentivize Your Sales Team This Year

You made it through the holidays! Your family voyaged home, you recycled the wrapping, and you sipped that last glass of eggnog. Now it’s time for the new year. What New Year’s resolutions will you make? How will things be different next year and what bears repeating? The start of

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