How to Increase Sales By Returning Calls Faster

Online leads are great — customers come to you, ready to talk about what you offer! With this kind of killer lead, wouldn’t you want to jump on the opportunity to sell? Of course! So why aren’t you responding faster? Companies who respond to their online leads within an hour…

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How to Calculate the Real Cost of a Sales CRM

The best deal on paper isn’t always the best deal. Your CRM invoice may look like you're spending a few hundred dollars when you’re actually investing thousands. So how do you know the true cost? When you’re calculating the real cost of a CRM, start by adding up the setup…

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Why Everything You Know About CRM Is 100% Wrong

Successful companies have always recognized the need for a CRM. They have a responsibility to their employees, vendors, and customers to keep information organized. But old CRM methods no longer make the cut. Now, as people work anytime from anywhere, salespeople need customer information at their fingertips. They need data…

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