Why Are Owners Terrible Sales Managers?

Why Are Owners Terrible Sales Managers?
As a business owner, you may think that managing your own sales team is the best approach. However, as someone who has been in your shoes, let me tell you that being an owner and sales manager can be a recipe for disaster.
First of all, as the owner, you are likely to be a ball of energy, passionate about your product or service and eager to share that enthusiasm with your team. However, that energy can be overwhelming and affect others in negative ways, ultimately impacting your team’s performance and income.
The main problem with being an owner and sales manager is that you may find yourself micromanaging your team, using negative language, and passing on negativity and stress. This negative energy can spread from the top down and infect the sales team, leading to poor performance and a lack of motivation. Additionally, a scarcity mindset can develop within the team, leading to a lack of creativity and innovation.
So, how can you avoid these pitfalls and run a successful sales team? One way is to focus on running great sales meetings. Take the time to look over team data, but be mindful of not demotivating or embarrassing individual team members. Celebrate great performance and recognize team members for their hard work. Encourage top performers to share their success stories and inspire the rest of the team. Finally, identify problems and encourage the team to offer ideas for solutions.
Why Are Owners Terrible Sales Managers?
If you find that managing your sales team is not your strong suit, don’t be afraid to outsource or hire a full-time sales manager. With tools like CallProof, you can still have control over your sales process while allowing someone else to manage the day-to-day tasks. With features like targeted lead finding, smart routing, and integrated sales funnel, you can focus on what you do best while leaving the sales management to someone else.
In conclusion, being a business owner and sales manager can be a difficult balance to strike. Avoid micromanaging, negative language, and spreading negativity or stress. Instead, focus on running great sales meetings and consider outsourcing or hiring a full-time sales manager to help you grow your business.
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  1. My story as a terrible sales manager
  2. You are just a ball of energy
  3. How do you effect others with your energy and how that affects your income
  4. What is the problem?
    1. Micromanaging
    2. Negative language
    3. Passing negativity/stress
    4. Energy from top to bottom
    5. A scarcity mindset infects the sales team
  5. How to run a great sales meeting?
  6. What Does Your Weekly Sales Meeting Look Like?
    1. Looking over the data (Team Scorecard) (WARNING: Showing individual numbers may demotivate and embarrass employees. You can have private convos about individual numbers that are lacking)
    2. Celebrate great performance and recognition of team members
    3. Have your top reps share their experiences of success
    4. Identifying problems and having the group offer ideas for solutions
  1. Outsource your sales manager or hire full time
  2. Overview of CallProof
    1. Find Targeted Leads: Over 26 million businesses
    2. Lasso tool for adding leads
    3. Smart Routing: 30% more prospects
    4. Checking in & out of appts: Data Collection
    5. Auto reports for Scorecards
    6. Easy Activity Tracking: Email and calendar sync
    7. Integrated Sales Funnel