7 Ways To Rev Up Your Sales Engine

Sales Motivation Tips: 7 Ways to Rev Up Your Sales Engine
7 Ways to Rev Up Your Sales Engine

Sales is sort of like mowing the grass. Sometimes it’s hard to get the lawnmower started. You have to pull on it and pull on it until the gas gets to the carburetor. But once that spark ignites, the engine is running and it’s a success. When making sales call after sales call and you’re not successful, you have to keep trying. Because eventually your spark will ignite with the dopamine rush from a ‘yes.’ You’ll get addicted to the sales and subconsciously work harder to get more opportunities.

The following tips will show you how to get your engine started and how to keep it running.

1) Talk with your best customer

What better way to get in a positive mindset than to see how your product or service is providing value and helping your customers.

2) Set an exciting goal

Besides the usual metrics of average deal size, conversion/win rate and revenue, how else could you personally track your growth? Making a more challenging goal or approaching it in a different way can provide insight and more motivation. 

3) Go after the easy leads the first of the week

Create momentum on Monday so by the end of the week your boosted confidence will make the more difficult leads easier.

4) Find a mentor and collaborate

Getting a new team together is always fun! Brainstorm or ask for advice from another rep you don’t usually talk to. Find a mentor or take a new rep under your wing. Check out our “Do You Have a Sales Buddy” video.

5) Give feedback to your organization

Pride is built with purpose and whenever we give feedback it adds value to the organization. A good sales manager will appreciative your attentiveness.

6) Work on yourself

You have to believe in yourself to sell which means you have to be in the best mental and physical state. Invest in your exercise, diet and sleep routine.

7) Find a new tool

Technology is your friend. A sales app like CallProof streamlines the process of logging activity, tracking your goals, and finding you more prospects. See how CallProof can help accelerate your sales, Try Free for 14 Days!

This blog post was inspired by the “Rev Up Your Sales Engine” video on our YouTube channel.

Let us know in the comments what tips you use to get your engine started!

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