How Do You Handle Absurd Sales Objections?

If you have been in sales for any period of time you have likely heard sales objections that defy any common sense.  Of course many of these creative sales objections are because your prospects are confused, have other priorities, are not the decision makers etc.  For many people, giving a sales objection lie is just a way to handle the social awkwardness that comes with saying “no”.

How would you handle this situation…?

Imagine you are in sales for a Document Storage company…  And you happen upon this car…

 sales objections


After seeing that these are legal documents for a local attorney (TOP PROSPECT FOR DOCUMENT STORAGE COMPANIES) you do a little research to get contact information for this newly discovered prospect.

Your call goes like this.

Prospect:  Hello, this is Hoarder Attorney at Law?

You:  Hi, this is Frank Smith with Document Storage Unlimited

Prospect:  Yes (in that cold I want to hang up the phone voice)

You:  I was calling to see if I could reserve some time in your schedule next week to show you how we help attorneys manage their documents.

Prospect: You guys call us all the time “WE AREN’T INTERESTED!”

You:  Do you currently have a company to manage your documents?

Prospect:  No, we don’t need anyone to manage our documents.

You know that this attorney is literally putting lives in jeopardy driving around a car that you can hardly see out of because his documents have filled his car top to bottom.  Moreover, all his legal documents are unsecured and can be easily read by anyone walking by!

What would you say to get the appointment?  Please post a comment with how you would respond.  And we will do an actual cold call using this statement handling this objection and post for everyone to listen too.

(FACT: This is a actual car of a local Attorney in Nashville,TN seen in my neighborhood…)

sales objections




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  1. Contrary to your belief counselor all it would take is a slight accident or a thief to make all of those documents public. When all of your clients realize that you haven’t protected their privacy I’m sure you will find a document management solution to manage all of the lawsuits that come your way! Hopefully the solution you choose also allows for the discovery you’ll need to know what you’ve just tossed out the window to the public! It’s your call, but a little work now would save so much work (and money) later!

    Good luck on the delivery – I know this all too well and I can tell you from experience that they will always spend more on fixing this situation after the disclosure!

  2. Wow, liability does not seem to be high on this fellows list. But, if you could identify his customers (VICTIMS) and alert everyone to civil/criminal liability the owner might get motivated. I am re-posting.

  3. Sales techniques have changed over the years and a direct approach in this situation will not work. Try a different approach:

    1. Hi, I am calling to offer you a $5,000.00 trade-in on your vehicle and to put you in an SUV that has more leg room, cargo space, and a stronger suspension. We will also include scanning all of your documents and you will be able to view them on your in-dash DVD player.

    2. Have the car stolen. When the police recover the stolen automobile, the documents will not be in the car. Simply call the attorney the following week to inform him that someone dropped off the records at your facility and due to the confidential nature of our business we can’t disclose who it was. In any event, we can continue to provide safe, secure document storage and you can access your documents 24 hours a day. If you elect to pickup all of your documents there will be the retrieval fee, permanent removal charges, computer deletion charges, etc. The bottom line is that if you bring us a certified check for $11,432.00 we will release the documents back to you.

    I truly believe that either of these approaches will result a closed sales. If neither of these work, then I would simply set the car on fire, call the local news station and utilize their footage as advertising to other attorneys in the market area with emphasis on safe, secure document storage and management services.

  4. in a 7:30am Voice Mail: Mr. Hoarder, it’s George… this is an emergency. I just learned I need a copy of my 1984 city contract for my 9:30 a.m. meeting. I’ll be stopping by your office at 9:00 a.m. Extremely important – thanks again, George

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