Why You Should Outsource Sales Management?


Outsource sales managementI once met a printer who had a small print shop.  He had built his business over twenty years with one employee to work the shop and his wife doing graphic design and working with clients.  He managed the business and was the only salesperson. He told me over the years he had attempted (on several occasions) to hire a salesperson to grow his business with very limited success.  

Some took him for a ride receiving a salary and not producing. Others built their client base and started their own print shop taking his customers. So he gave up on growing his company with a team of salespeople to build his business one customer at a time. Decades of hire reluctance left him no sizable year over year growth and 70-hour workweeks to keep the bills paid.

His hire reluctance cost him years of frustration and unnecessary hard work. Work smart, not hard. When building a business where you need to take your product to the market you likely find that hiring a professional salesperson is this most logical start to growing your business. 

But when you are a start-up you don’t have the resources to manage the complexities of a person you don’t see every day. It is recommended you outsource sales management to someone with these skills to manage their activities.

A good outsourced sales management firm will provide the following structure to your salesperson:

  • Help with recruiting
  • Employment testing
  • Building a sales plan
  • Identifying your target market
  • Lead management
  • Monitoring daily sales related activities by using tools such as www.callproof.com
  • Weekly calls with sales staff and management
  • Suggestions and light sales training or recommendations for improvement
  • The beautiful thing with outsourcing sales management is that there are professionals who are highly qualified ex-business owners and corporate executives with decades of experience who love sharing this knowledge with green sales people.  They are either underemployed or retired executives who work from home several hours a week to supplement their income.

Strange things happen when you hire someone with this level of experience.  Your salespeople do things for these managers you could never get them to do.   A good outsourced sales management firm will hire the right person who will understand that they are a coach and not a boss.  While you will help with proposals and training your sales staff on products your company markets, your activity coach is focused on making sure the sales plan is being followed by your salesperson.

Outsource Sales Management

Outsourced sales management firms will offer suggestions to owners on who to hire and fire.  The number one reason salespeople aren’t successful is that lack of activity. With a sales management tool like www.Callproof.com outsourced sales management firms can see real-time activities from the sales staff.

  1. See phone calls from salespeople to clients and prospects in real-time
  2. See appointments being run as they happen
  3. Manage Leads (make sure they are being worked)
  4. See where the team is on a map via real-time GPS locations reported from phone
  5. Manage pipeline of deals
  6. Listen to recorded marketing calls from salespeople (quality management)

Some organizations need help for 30-90 days during the honeymoon phase of a new hire.  Remember getting a seasoned rep to do activities like a cold call when they haven’t been doing them is like pulling teeth.  But when you set expectations from day one with your new hires you set the standard that can lead to the type of killer sales organization that is going build revenue for years in the future.

Some organizations see the value in retaining an outsourced sales management firm year-round as part of their marketing budget and customer acquisition expenses.  Removing the frustration out of sales management will allow business owners to focus on managing the business.

Activitycoaches.com is a place where you can find the right fit to outsource your sales management.  Fee’s are as little as $350-$950 per month per rep. Pricing is based on level of engagement, experience and market category.

outsource sales management

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