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Our Company

Tell the Story, Make the Sale

In 2008, Robert Hartline was struggling because he couldn’t find a Customer Relationship Management solution that worked for his sales teams. No matter what he tried, the result was the same. When the sales reps couldn’t be bothered to enter data, the managers couldn’t make accurate sales projections or help underperforming sales reps before it was “too late.” After months of struggling, he decided to build CallProof.

A short ten years later, hundreds of companies and thousands of users enjoy using CallProof to automate the tracking and management of their sales activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to convert sales talent into sales productivity. We do this by automating data collection on sales activities so managers can see what’s happening in real time. Armed with this data, sales managers can help sales reps achieve better results on a faster iteration timeline than ever before.

Our Vision

The future is a world where CallProof automatically tracks all your sales activities so you don’t have to. It keeps everyone on the same page in real time so there’s no need to email spreadsheets and reports back and forth to figure out whether you’re going to meet your quarterly sales numbers. CallProof works in the background so sales reps can focus on maintaining relationships with customers rather than maintaining spreadsheets.

Meet Our Team

Robert Hartline, founder of CallProof, Absolute Wireless, Shift Your Time, Dang It Repair and Hytch.

Robert Hartline

Founder / CEO

A shy timid guy who accidentally turned into a salesperson then business owner and now founder of a tech start-up. Robert is a problem solver who looks to hack a problem via trial and error and sometimes implements technology as part of a solution. He believes that you can get anywhere with great people in a team with common goals. Robert loves helping others succeed in business through writing on his blog or speaking opportunities. He dislikes selling but loves solving pain. If you have a sales team in need of help getting better results, Robert invites you to try CallProof.

Jeff Epperson, customer support for CallProof CRM

Jeff Epperson

Customer Support

With a background in programming, web development, and smartphones, Jeff helps guide development of new additions to CallProof. Developing solid solutions to help all of our customers is his primary goal. Jeff has been with CallProof since the early days and has had his hands in everything at some point: customer service, solution testing, data transfer and account development are all things he can assist with. When he's not at work, you'll find him at an amusement park riding coasters.


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