Wufoo Integration




What is Wufoo?

Wufoo is a web application that helps anybody build amazing  online forms. When you design a form with Wufoo, it automatically  builds the database, backend and scripts needed to make collecting  and understanding your data easy, fast and fun.

What Wufoo Integration does for Call Proof customers?

With Call Proof/ Wufoo Integration when someone fills out a form that can automatically pushed into your Call Proof database.

Why would you use this?

Let’s say you have leads coming in from several sources.  Maybe some coming from your contact form on your web site and maybe you have a telemarketing firm setting up appointments.  With Wufoo those leads come to the sales manager who sends them to the sales rep.  As soon as the form is submitted it’s already in your CallProof CRM without having to nag anyone to enter the data.  And with call tracking from CallProof CRM you will see when the lead comes in and see as soon as the salesperson makes a call to the client.  Time from lead to call from sales staff is important and if you delay that prospect could have made another buying decision.

If you need help setting up your Wufoo form to work with CallProof CRM click here.