Activity Log for Sales People

It is hard to keep track of a large team.  CallProof makes it easy.  Managers and users alike can access the events feed, track sales activity log via the CallProof Web Portal.  This gives managers a snapshot of what is going on in the field and users a place to see what their teammates have going on.

Video: Activity Log for Sales People

See what your sales people are up to in the fields with an automated activity log for sales people

Video Transcript

The CallProof Web Portal gives sales managers a very concise view of what their team has been doing all day. Hover over the dashboard tab, and you will see that we have separated events into two viewable fields.

The manager feed cuts straight to the chase and displays all events reported by the phone app for a given company. This can be sorted by employee or by event type. CallProof CRM is The Original Mobile CRM for Inside and Outside Teams. Simple to use CRM packed with completely customizable features.

The standard events feed gives the same information as the manager feed, but allows users to post comments, thumbs up events, and listen to recorded calls. Positive feedback is a great way to motivate a team, and the events feed makes it quick and easy.