How to Increase Sales By Returning Calls Faster

Online leads are great — customers come to you, ready to talk about what you offer! With this kind of killer lead, wouldn’t you want to jump on the opportunity to sell? Of course! So why aren’t you responding faster? Companies who respond to their online leads within an hour…

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Anatomy of the Perfect Sales Follow-Up Call

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Well, he may have exaggerated a little, but it sure does seem to apply to sales. Sales relies on persistence. And often, that persistence relies on following up. When you’re dealing with clients, you should always have a next step.…

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Free Sales Call Report Template Download

Sales success is simple: know where you are and how you’re doing so you know where you need to go next.  The best way to gain that information is through sales call reports. And if you're not setting aside time during the day to measure your sales activity in a…

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