3 Things a Sales Manager should be doing…

Sales Managers aren’t managing people but managing energy.  Both your energy and your team’s energy.  The awareness of how and when you have conversations is important.  Tough conversations are best of the accountability sort might be best to do at the end of the day so your sales rep can process what is said and to prevent a reduction from their sales energy.  

Does your team have a prospect list?  So many sales organizations we visit with don’t have a prospect list.  They hope their team can find them.  NO!!! Your team shouldn’t spend wasted energy on researching.  They need to spend time talking to prospects and working for meetings.  Your role as a sales manager is to identify your target customers and make sure it’s in CRM.  Here at CallProof that is what we do when you onboard new clients.

So what’s your plan?  That’s the question you should be asking your sales reps.  Build a plan to places their income goal as the core of the plan and all the things needed to reach that goal.  A number of calls that is needed to make to get meetings to a number of meetings needed to close to reach that core income goal.  When the goal is driven from the rep vs the manager your buy-in from your team will be better.