Two New Updates

We love hearing new ideas from our users about ways to make CallProof better. Today we are proud to announce 2 brand new features that we hope you enjoy using as much as we enjoy providing them to you.

Places:  This is by far our favorite new feature. Effective immediately you will now start to see COLOR on the lists you populate using the Places button.  Any contacts that already exist in your database will have 1 of 3 colors associated to them.


Green:  This is YOUR customer already!

Yellow: This is a customer in your company’s database that you SHARE with another user!

Red: This is one of your co-worker’s customers!

Places Color Coding CallProof

We did this to help prevent anyone’s toes from getting stepped on.  Now you know instantly if a business you are prospecting is already dealing with someone in your company!  The best part about this update is that you don’t have to do a thing to start using it. It’s live right now!

The other huge update is for all of you Android users:  The check-out screen now loads 10x faster!!!!  We designed CallProof to make you efficient and long load screens are something we really want to avoid.  Thank you for all of your input and patience as we worked to make your user experience better. You will see an update in the Play store that will give you this new speed boost!

Two New Updates