Why Pharmacy Reps Should Use a Sales Tracking App


Ever played the game “telephone”? You know how it goes — you give someone a message, and they pass it on down the line. Maybe they think they heard you clearly, but by the time the last person says it aloud, the message isn’t so clear anymore.

Isn’t that how it is to be a pharmacy sales rep? Your job is giving someone a message they can clearly repeat to someone else. Maybe you thought you had a good conversation with a doctor, but the results don’t turn out like you’d hoped.

Pharmacy sales is all about professional referrals. The customers are the patients. But the patients choose you because of their physicians. So your job is to maintain those professional relationships so the doctor remembers you when it’s time for a referral. And the best sales tracking apps will help you stay at the front of their minds.

The #1 Mistake: Being Forgettable

Your success depends on doctors remembering you and your product at the right time. Maybe you have a great conversation with a practice provider at a “Lunch and Learn” event. You tell them all about the advancements in your therapy, medication, or pharmacy, and they realize you’re a great match for their practice. But, if you never talk to them again and a referral opportunity doesn’t come up for months, they won’t remember you. Why? Keeping up with your information isn’t their main job. So you need to stay on their radar.

You want to be their first thought when the opportunity arises. So, for actively writing practices, visit every 30 days. For practices in your nurturing process (maybe they already use a compounding pharmacy or it doesn’t come up much), visit once a quarter. Meanwhile, keep in contact via email or messaging to develop your relationship and raise their awareness of your business.

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Multiplying Your Efforts

What’s great about the rep-doctor relationship is that a referral partnership with one doctor usually means a relationship with many. Doctors tell their colleagues what works. So news spreads fast.

That means your return is exponential when you meet new clients. Establishing a relationship with one new doctor could lead to many more referrals. So don’t just visit your current clients. Make time to see new practices where you hope to gain referrals. Because a new relationship with one client may unlock the potential to work with many others.

Essential Tools for a Pharmacy Rep

Now, you need a way to keep track of it all. Here’s what you need:

  1. Reminders for maintaining relationships
  2. Opportunities to build more relationships
  3. A way to keep track of meetings in real time
  4. An easy mechanism for managing follow-ups

A sales app like CallProof gives you all those tools. First, you’ll get regular reminders to visit your clients (based on how frequently you need to see them). Then you’ll have access to a non-typing mechanism that shows you even more prospects. As you meet those prospects, you’ll be able to log their location and contact info with the push of a button on your phone. Plus, you can track your notes with a voice-to-text feature so you don’t even have to take the time to type it out. After that, you’ll just select your frequency for making contact. Then the app will remind you when it’s time to contact them again.

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But I’m Already Great at Finding New Prospects…

Many providers and practices are in medical complexes. So, when you stop by to see a regular client, you can visit other doctors nearby to develop new relationships. Ever realized the problems that can cause?

Without the right tracking mechanism, meeting unscheduled prospects costs you time. The first problem is forgetting to follow up. If you spend time beginning those relationships but do nothing with it, you’ve wasted time you could have spent more productively.

But maybe you mean to follow up, so you take their contact info, spend Friday afternoon entering them into your system so you can follow up — but you never do. Why? Following up is easy to put off. There’s almost always something better to do, so you rationalize your way out of it. Then you’ve wasted even more time. Making new contacts is great, but if you don’t do anything with the new leads, you’ve cost yourself time that doesn’t pay off.

Until you have an app to help you manage new contacts, you’re giving your competitors the advantage. They may not be out there getting cold leads, but they’re also not spending their time on fruitless activity.

Use Tools to Make Work Actionable

The key is getting a tool to make your work actionable. With a sales tracking app that tracks your contacts in real time (so you don’t have to take the time to enter them) and reminds you when to follow up (and won’t leave you alone until you do!), you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

Rely on the best sales tracking apps for your business. You can’t rely on the individual diligence of your entire sales team. Not everyone is a top performer. Let technology do the work of logging contact info and reminding you who to contact. Then you can focus on building relationships, advocating for your pharmacy, and being the one physicians remember.


Top 3 Sales Tracking Tips for HVAC Companies

hvac sales tracking

Running a business can feel like a juggling routine. Your HVAC company is getting contracts with apartment complexes and commercial businesses all over town. But as your business grows, how do you balance sales, service, and support to keep it thriving?


HVAC companies have to be multi-faceted. Your sales team grows your client base, service technicians install and maintain the units, and your support team deals with customer satisfaction. When there are this many moving parts, something is bound to go wrong, especially if you’re depending on manual reporting.

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Maybe a customer complains about a no-show technician, but you have no way to track their hours and location. Perhaps technicians put in the work but don’t get invoiced. Maybe sales reps are losing track of their existing customers. An app that automatically tracks hours, communication, and location solves these dilemmas.

Tip 1: Keep Track of Communication

You have some great customers, right? You want to keep them connected. However, when business is booming, it’s easy to forget when you last made contact with the clients you have.

A sales tracking app allows you to see the last time your team talked to the customer. You can pull it up from anywhere to see who needs a phone call. Checking in at regular intervals lets your clients know you’re paying attention and you care about their needs.

Tip 2: Track Seasonally

Sales tracking apps also keep you ahead of your customers’ problems. HVAC needs to go hand in hand with the seasons. Two times a year, before winter and before summer, blast your marketing. Your customers will have issues during the coldest and hottest times of the year. You want to be the company they call.

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By marketing and making sales contacts before those needs arise, you make sure they reach out to you, not your competitors. With an app to keep you ahead of the game, you can plant the seeds a little early so you can reap the benefits during the high volume times of year.

Tip 3: Maximize Time by Location

If you’re out all day, make the most of your time by seeing as many prospects and clients as possible. Use the app to pinpoint customers on a map, so you know whom to visit based on location. When you decrease your drive time, you increase your contact time. Simply by seeing your clients and prospects on a map, you can make the most of your day without wasting gas and time.

Also, HVAC depends on annual checkups. Why not schedule those service calls based on location as well? When the technicians do their annual servicing, they should be going right next door to the next call. You drastically increase your efficiency when you eliminate the need to drive all over town. At CallProof, we’ve saved companies 20+ hours a week because they always have the option to see their customers on the map.

The days of spreadsheets are over. Sales tracking apps like CallProof make it easier to keep your sales, service, and support in balance. In turn, you gain time, your customers are happier, and your business moves forward.