Why the Sales Process Doesn’t Stop at the Dotted Line…

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Many people find the pressure of sales difficult and it can become a bad habit to drop the ball once that prospect has finally put pen to paper. There are five key steps to the successful sales process and guess what number five is? Following up.

We’ll talk about these key points later, but it’s important to note here that a follow-up is the final step so, by definition, it comes after the signing of the dotted line. Here’s why this is one of the most valuable stages in the sales process.

Not Following up is Throwing Away Sales

One of the most powerful tools the salesperson can acquire is a referral. There’s often some debate over how many cold calls a referral is worth, but if one thing’s certain, it’s a lot. The power of having a name upfront with a positive recommendation waiting on the other side significantly increases the chances of a sale, and that’s putting it lightly. This is without going too far into the subject of whether or not you’ll be winning your new client’s return business if you fail to follow up correctly. By the way, you won’t if you don’t…


Effective Ways to Follow up With Your New Clients

A Warm and Fuzzy Feeling

The aim should be to create a warm and fuzzy feeling with your client, letting them know you’re there if they need anything and here’s your email address. Just get in contact. Let them know you appreciate their business and you recognise they could have chosen any number of your competitors.

Are You Making a Miniature Salesperson?

View your prospect as a miniature salesperson at this stage. Imagine if your client then goes on to a dinner party and somebody asks them “hey, what payroll service do you use?” Will they recommend you? If the answer is no, have a rethink about your technique.

Get the Money

You need to ask for the referral. Don’t assume you’re entitled to a referral because you did a good job. If it’s too forward to ask directly, consider something to the effect of:

“Hey, you know Mr Prospect, 95% of my business comes from referrals so they’re really important to me. I was wondering, is there anything I could have done better that may have you consider recommending me to a friend or colleague?”

Reciprocate the Referral

The desire to reciprocate is natural human psychology. If you can think of someone that your prospect’s business could help, get them a referral and you’re likely to get one back. You could even consider say something like the following:

“Hey, you know Mr Prospect, I think referrals are real important for people who do good business together. I have this client/friend and I’m referring them to you as I think you guys could do some great work together.”

By acknowledging that the sales process doesn’t end at the dotted line and taking a little action with each new client, you can watch your sales funnel build up significantly with juicy referrals, waiting to start the cycle all over again.

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